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Cannons on the net
Living history groups
Medieval cannon Some links to sites that have some information on medieval cannons


Norsk Forlishistorisk Forening



Cannons on the net


Svensk Metallkonst AB Modelkanoner i mange størrelser
Canadian Cannon Company - Replica Civil War Cannons
Historical Ordnance Works


Civil War Artillery WebRing
Civil War Artillery
Civil War Interactive
Field Artillery in the Civil War
Ray-vin cannon links
Reconstructed Medieval Gunpowder Artillery
Richmond Arsenal The Civil War Shop
Royal Armouries Museum of Artillery, Fort Nelson History of Artillery
the American Artillery Association, promoting safe shooting of muzzleloading artillery
The Drill Network
The Geometry of War Summary

Living history groups

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Some links to sites that have some information on medieval cannons

Lomellina wreck from 1516 mosly in French, but wery interesting.
Mary rose , not easy to navigate in and mutch of the original stuff is not present any more
Reconstructed Gunpowder Artillery of the Middle Ages
The Sixteenth Century Wreck Church Rocks, Teignmouth
NetSword Discussion Forums
Middelaldercentret in Denmark have pages in english


Ballistic Simulator
Ballistic Trajectory Tutorial
Balistc Downloads




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